Fréjus, France : since 30 May until 1 June the 1st International Exhibition Suiseki

2014   30-31 May - 1 June

  Espace Culturel Port Fréjus  - 
FRÉJUS 83600 - France

Exhibition 2014

The Suiseki Forum of France organizes 30-31 May and 1 June 1st International Exhibition Suiseki with the participation not only of French enthusiasts but also participants from different countries such as Italy, Spain and the United States. The subject of this exhibition is «Suiseki & Haiku, the perfect symbiosis between a miniature world and a poetic world."

This event is a unique opportunity to bring together enthusiasts of all nationalities, to discover the art of suiseki visitors to the exhibition, and so help to continue this traditional historical practice.

Persons wishing to participate in this meeting should send later than April 6, 2014 ( February 28 for French ) organization membership by e -mail by filling out the attached registration form and it is mandatory to include the photo of each stone with exposure measurements ( width - height - depth ) or the stone itself or tablet or other device as suiban - Doban etc. . , classification, place of origin, and must a haiku in relation to the stone (all languages ??are accepted).
It is also necessary to list the other aesthetic motifs present in the exhibition as scroll (thank you to specify the height) , and other company plants .
Each participant may exhibit a maximum of 4 stones; however the organization reserving the right to increase or decrease the number of stones made ??by each exhibitor based on the number of inscriptions. Each participant will receive no later than April 15, 2014 a final email indicating the number of stones accepted by the organization, a list of accommodation in our town and a map to locate them.

We ask each exhibitor to assign to each of its stones an identification number which we will refer in any email exchange.

Stones accepted should be included in the classification of the ESA 1996 :

1) Scenic landscape stones
2) Object Stones
3) Surface pattern Stones
4) Beautiful stones (Biseki)
The stones will be anonymous, only the curator of the exhibition will know the names of the owner and it will assign their exhibit number (assigned according to the registration date). With the arrival of exhibitors in the room, they will be given three numbers and each stone on a small plate which included data from the corresponding stone: the number of the stone selected by the exhibitor in advance when registering , then two numbers for its location. Attention, it is likely that the stones of each owner are not together !

Organization Weekend

Friday, May 30

         From 9am: Home Exhibitors (Attention , access to the room is regulated by terminals that are open only by the Master Port Fréjus before arriving please contact Marco Favero charge the phone, thank you for he can contact the Master and allow you access to the room, you will have a maximum of one hour to install and go  back ) .
4h30 pm: opening doors to the public.
 6h -8h pm: Opening with the participation of the Deputy Mayor for Culture Fréjus and several guests . Please participate.

Saturday, May 31

         10h am- 6h30 pm: Opening doors to the public.
         4h pm: Conferences:
- History of Suiseki Japan by Mathias Retoret
- Suiseki & Haiku by Marco Favero
- The New Frontier Cleaning: Laser by Marco Favero
8h30 pm: Gala dinner.

All participants will be gathered for the Gala Dinner, which will be presented at court rates for the exhibition:
- 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each category .
- Cup for Best of Show
- Cup AQVTDM the best haiku in relation to its stone.
         Sunday 1st June, 10 am -6 pm: doors open to the public.
         3h30 pm: Conference:
         - A year in Tokyo by Chris Cockrane (waiting confirmation)
6h pm : Closing of the exhibition.
Stones will be judged by three judges of the organization of high experience. Their own exposed stone obviously does not participate in the competition.
NB: This program is not definitive, once registered you will have the latest news for accommodation and activities, so you can ask if any more details on this exhibition. We are at your disposal to clarify all your doubts.

The opening hours of the exhibition will include:

Friday, May 30 : 4:30 pm to 8 pm
Saturday, May 31 : 10 am to 6:30 pm
Sunday 1st June: from 10 am to 6:30 pm

For further information you are welcome to contact Marco Favero to:
06 88 04 11 95 or email to:

Click for download of the registration form  : FormulaireinscriptionEN.docx

Click for the download of the Rules document : Forum SUISEKI Esposizione 2014EN.docx